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A Time-Tested  Treatment Exclusively for

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome


"Every doctor told me I was untreatable, but Dr. McCord got me back on the golf course in 6 weeks, and I got TWO holes-in-one!"

- Sam Jones

Mt. Juliet TN



Lost all
hope after

multiple failed back surgeries?

Up to 40% of back surgeries fail to reduce pain, and sometimes make it worse. No other surgery type has this high a failure rate with a syndrome named after it (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome).


Been sent to Pain Management as a legal drug addict forever?

Most spine surgeons have a full-time pain management doctor on site, because many patients need pain medication the rest of their lives.


Been sent to a psychiatrist because the pain is all in
your head?

When surgery and drugs fail, many back pain sufferers are told to see a therapist and get psychiatric help. They are even accused of using pain as an excuse to get out of work and responsibilities.


We are Failed Back Surgery Specialists
for Seemingly Impossible Cases

We specialize in the most difficult cases of failed back surgery.  Our core guiding principle for improving outcomes is aiming to rebuild the natural load-bearing physics of the spinal column.

With the specialized skills of an
FBSS surgeon


The accuracy of upright MRI

And a unique process method, the failure rate may be reduced from 40% to a mere 3%*

After years of being stuck on the couch drugged like a zombie,
patients with even a dozen failed back surgeries have found new hope when no other doctor would dare touch them.
Failed back surgery syndrome patients are getting their lives back... drug-free, flexible, and active again.


“I understand the feeling of being hopeless. Lifelong pain kept me from holding my grandkids; I was so envious of others. I had been to five doctors but they were all guessing.  By sheer luck I met Dr. McCord before going on a news show. His upright MRI found the problem and I now have a brand new back at 60. My back is better now than for the past twenty years. Dr. McCord gave me my life back!” 


—  Monte Mohr, Nashville TN

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