100% Better, Back is Perfect

I am feeling better and staying out of bed more. The pain I had down the back to feet is gone. I came here from Arkansas to get off drugs. I pray by six months I will feel completely normal again. It's been 12 years coming, and he is the man! I would do it again! I do recommend David anytime my friends ask and check up on me. Took me a year to find one doctor to fix my back, all the way in Nashville! 10/03/2018

I feel almost 100% better. I am still up and down all day because of my knees. Left knee total replacement 12-31-2019 is 100% better. Right knee will be done by May 30. The neuropathy on left side is better but not completely gone away. That shit hurts too. My back is perfect. Just my cheek and tailbone hurt and top crack my ass on left side worse! Trying to use icepack for pain and little less heating pad. Use bone stimulator 5 out of 7 days a week. 05/02/2019

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