100% Mobility From a World-Class Surgeon

My stay at Southern Hills Medical Center was exceptional. I was there for surgery and stayed overnight. Everyone that took care of me at preop was fantastic and told me everything that would be done step by step. The nurses that were on my floor were very nice and informative. The food was actually very good for hospital food. I got released very quickly after the doctor said I could go home. The thing I noticed after I was there for about an hour waiting for the procedure was how clean everything was in all the places I had been to at Southern Hills. It never even smelled like a hospital. I would recommend this hospital for anything to be done medical-wise.

I am a new patient of Dr. David McCord. I was recommended by my primary physician, Dr. Sweet. Extremely glad that he was the only doctor recommended to me for my neck issues. I would not have known I also had back issues if my first exam was not so thorough. More testing confirmed what Dr. McCord thought was going on with my neck and back. I had surgery done and felt immediate relief. My checkup at 4 weeks shows I am doing extremely well. I was back to work within 2 weeks. I have almost 100% mobility back at 4 weeks postop. Everyone at Dr. McCord's office is very informative and a pleasure to deal with. Very friendly staff and all have great personalities. I will have my back surgery only done by Dr. McCord. World class surgeon in my opinion. 09/25/2013

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