17 Years of Back Pain, Bladder Loss to Healed & Active

Dr. McCord, I am very grateful that Dr. Davis (United Chiropractic, Clarksville, TN) referred me to your office. Before being referred to your practice, I was unable to sit up in bed, walk without being able to stand upright. I had pain radiating down my legs. My back injury occurred on active duty in the spring of 1995. My severe symptoms were intermittent for about 17 years. I would go to Dr. James Davis at United Chiropractic to get my back adjusted. In December of 2013, my symptoms got worse (all the above), but also included loss of bladder control. Since the surgery, I still have some pain, but the level is greatly reduced. I am walking as much as possible as I heal. My bending and twisting are limited but my overall condition is much better than before. My thanks to you and your staff. 04/11/2014

Before this last surgery, I was having severe low back pain. My back would pop and crack every time I would walk (which was painful). The morning after surgery I felt immediate relief. When the nurse wanted me to get up and go for a walk, I rolled to a sitting position, I was thinking "oh, my God, this is gonna hurt". When I just stood straight up without bracing or pushing off the bed, I was amazed. I walked four rounds around the big lap of the floor. Every time I squat and stand without pushing off, I am grateful that God blessed Dr. McCord with the skills and ability to help heal me. It was a long road to get to this point. I am able to do things I have not been able to do in a couple of years. My back feels better, much, much better. Thank you. 05/29/2015

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