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26 Years of Pain Healed, Best Valentines Day Present Ever

I hurt my back picking up a child out of a playpen in 1966. I tried to live with the pain for the next 26 years. The pain got so severe that I could hardly breathe. My good fortune was to learn about Dr. David H. McCord. He was the only doctor ever to read all of my two inches worth of records. X-rays were done and other testing. Showed me x-rays, what my back looked like at this time, what my back should look like, and then what it will look like after he fixes me. The operations took several hours, 5 units of blood and bone from the bone bank. After my stay at Centennial Medical Center, I went home to recuperate. My husband was my caregiver. After my recuperation, I was able to work and play on our farm. I am eternally grateful to Dr. McCord. My motto will always be: Brand New in 92! (Operations took place Valentine's Day 1992). Best Valentine's present I ever got! 08/04/2014

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