A Miracle of Highest Accolades

Pain Management was killing me, not curing me. If Dr. McCord can't fix you, no one can.


To Whom It May Concern: I know you don't receive letters very often from patients, but I feel the positive experience that I have encountered deserves the highest accolades. I came to Dr. McCord bent at approximately a 30-degree angle, was shuffling my feet, in intense pain radiating from my lower back down my legs. I had a previous surgery (October 2013) which made that condition worse. That group of doctors, through their "pain management" doctor prescribed numerous hard drugs (cocaine, morphine, hydrocodone, etc.). They were killing me, not curing me. If it had not been for Dr. McCord I would not be standing or walking and very likely would be dead. It has been only four months since my surgeries (July 2, 5, and 8) and my posture is perfect. I am walking normally (not shuffling) and have no back pain. It is an absolute miracle, and I am blessed to have found Dr. David McCord through a former very happy patient. Since the surgeries, I take only Aleve occasionally. Hospital staff members asked me who my surgeon was. I told them my surgeon was Dr. McCord, and they beamed and said "he is the "last hope" here. "If he can't fix you, no one can". The admiration and respect on their faces was a sight to behold. Special thanks to Geoffrey Smallwood, M.D., CMO for his outstanding administrative skills. These skills were apparent throughout the entire staff. I wish all hospitals were run as efficiently as St. Thomas Midtown Hospital. Gratefully and sincerely.


Will be glad when lower backache goes away. So glad to have the titanium/screws OUT! Wish the muscle (left side) had not turned. Did not know that until today. Which doctor made that decision? What made muscle "turn"? Easy fourth surgery. Only had to stay overnight. Only was on prescription pain medication one other day. Thank you again! As teenagers used to say – you rock!

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