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Active Doing Whatever I Want

Doing great. Can do about anything that I want to, mow yard, walk, do tractor work. Think I am doing real good for twelve weeks after surgery. I was in bad shape when I came to see Dr. McCord. I could barely get around, and now I am up and doing whatever I want to do. So grateful for Dr. McCord. 10/23/2018

Doing a lot better since surgery, numbness in hips from the first surgery. Still have some knee pain at night but not as bad as before surgery. Neck pain and stiffness is pretty bad, but it has been that way for a long time. Been told by other doctor that surgery probably would not do any good. Back is stiff if movement is too quick and turn too far have some pain. Other than that, it is doing pretty good. Been doing a lot of work for the last month. 06/18/2019

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