Active & Flexible After Five Years of Degenerative Disc Disease

Vicki Woods broke her spine at work, all she could do was cry from the pain. After 5 years of degenerative disc disease, she finally got relief after a disc cage replacement surgery.

Running five days a week after back surgery

My name is Vicki Woods, and my husband had two surgeries with Dr. McCord. I’ve had trouble with my back for the past five years, at least. Dr. McCord convinced me to be examined while my husband Dale was here. I’m a mail carrier, and fell on ice about 5 years ago. They told me I broke my tailbone. So you deal with it. Somedays I was losing feelings in my legs, and I would cry most days because I was sitting on raw bones, just riding in the mail truck. When Dr. McCord came back in the room he said, “You didn’t break your tailbone, you broke your back. Your spinal column is pushed forward three quarters of an inch. You have to get it fixed.”

I didn’t realize it was that bad. So I got stuff together, help Dale get through his recovery, then I had surgery. People with degenerative disc disease that are told nothing can be done for a degenerative disc...that’s a lie. Both me and my husband have degenerative discs, we’re over 50, most people do have degenerative disc disease. When you can replace that tissue and take the pain away... instead of a lot of doctors will trim a disc. Dr. McCord said that’s just patching a tire, getting ready for the next blowout. But he fixed us up, and I don’t know how many patients we’ve sent to him up here. Once you talk to Dr. McCord, you’re assured, you’re confidence is there. When he talks to you, you know he has the ability to be able to help.

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