After 10 Years of Fearing Back Surgery, I Got My Life Back Pain-Free

About 10 years ago my back/hip was racked with pain. The pain was so severe I began to walk with a cane. Pain was shooting down to my calf. I was told by a chiropractor he could not help me any further, and he recommended Dr. McCord. I was skeptical because no one in my family has ever had surgery. Family members even advised against it; however, I'm thankful I did not agree with them, because my girls who were two and four at the time of

my surgery are 12 and 14 years old today. I was not able to do the things they wanted to do, or even help my wife around the house. I am active now, walking, jogging, riding bikes, hiking, horse playing with my girls, and helping my wife around the house. I can never thank Dr. McCord enough for giving me my active life back. God bless! 05/24/2016

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