After 30 Years of Despair, 99% Better

Dr. McCord, this is my feelings regarding my recent surgery. Although it took more surgeries to accomplish the objective, I consider it an unequaled success and a tremendous improvement in my life. I suffered pain for more than 30 years and this memory is just that, a memory. The pain has been reduced 99% and my posture has also greatly improved and walking upright is a great help. The most favorable thing is that my wife no longer wears the look of utter pain and despair when she sees me move about. There is no way I know of to adequately express my appreciation for you, your staff, and the staff of the hospital. All I can say is thank you and God bless. 10/04/2013

(Wife) To Whom It May Concern: Since my husband's surgery I have seen a vast improvement in his ability to stand straight and walk. His pain has improved so much. He is taking less pain meds. He is still recovering, but I see great times ahead for him without pain. I am so thankful to Dr. McCord, the hospital, and all the staff for the excellent care given to ****. Many thanks. 10/04/2013

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