After Chiropractic Failed, He's Running Five Days a Week

After chiropractic treatments failed to reduce his back pain, his chiropractor said to get evaluated for surgery. Now he's back to running five days a week and lifting weights.

Running five days a week after back surgery

I came to Dr. McCord about two years ago, on a referral from my chiropractor. I never really had back problems before in my life. I had strained a muscle a time or two, but nothing I would relate to any kind of nerve pain. So I started out with a chiropractor here in town, and he was able to decompress my spine where I was able to have some temporary relief. But within a day or two I’d get right back to where I was before with really a type of sciatic pain down my left leg primarily. It just so happens that my chiropractor was a patient of Dr. McCord’s, and he referred me over here so Dr. McCord could do an evaluation to see if in fact I had some disc problems. Because it had gotten to the point where the chiropractor could not help me anymore.

He called Dr. McCord and referred me over here, that’s how I found him. My chiropractor had excellent results dealing with Dr. McCord, as he had several discs that had degenerated over the years due to some injury. He really convinced me that I need to see Dr. McCord and let him evaluate me. I went through the evaluation process, and it was determined that I had three of my discs that had degenerated to the point that I really needed to do something about it. So I had my lower three discs fused. I’m not going to fool anybody, that’s a tough surgery to go through. It takes some recuperation but you have to be diligent and do the work you have to do.

But immediately when I woke up from surgery I KNEW that some of the nerve pain was gone. I knew it had worked for me pretty well. I was really active before, and it really got to the point where I could not run. I could run for short stretches, but it really impacted my quality of life. That was one of the prime drivers for me to come see Dr. McCord was to get back my quality of life and be active the way I wanted to be.

Immediately when I woke up from surgery I KNEW that some of the nerve pain was gone

Since that time it was a slow recovery, but I progressively built my strength back, and I’m running five days a week again. I don’t run marathons or races but I do like to run to keep fit. I do lift weights so I’ve had to change some of what I do to help my back and make sure I don’t injure it.

Since my surgery I really have recovered really well. I took my time, I eased back into it and I’m back to running five days a week, most weeks. At a minimum of four. I do lift weights but some he told me directly to avoid impacting my spine. So I have had to adjust my activities but I’m just as active as I ever was before. The surgery is really a success story for me. There are a few setbacks that you will encounter during the recovery process, but nothing you can’t get over with maybe just taking it easy a day or two, backing off and adjusting to give your body a rest. It’s really been a positive experience for me and if anybody out there is suffering from back pain, it will not hurt you to come be evaluated. To see what’s going on, and see if in fact he can provide some relief for you.

What Dr. McCord sold me on was explaining the technique, and what he does is different that most doctors would do. I could visualize what he was talking about and it all made sense to me. I’m getting the cushion back in, I’m getting the curve back in my spine, and it will provide that relief. So he helped me visualize it in a way I could understand and buy into it.

I would encourage anyone in pain, especially if it’s impacting your quality of life or how you earn your living, don’t wait. Get something done. Come in for an evaluation and see if you can get some immediate relief. If your insurance companies or providers are pushing back, challenge them. Try to get something done immediately.

Dr. McCord really helped me get my life back to where I was before, I’m running again, I’m active, I’m enjoying life again!

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