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After Four Years of Pain, Standing Straight

I would like to thank Dr. McCord for his expertise and for giving me a new lease on life. Prior to surgery, my life was a vicious circle of pain and pain killers. I spent most of my time on the couch. Post-surgery results are amazing. I have been cutting back on medications and walking every single day. 03/19/2019

Dr. McCord is amazing! I was up and walking on Monday, the day of my first surgery L3-S1. I felt amazing. After 4 years of debilitating pain, I was walking almost straight up. On Wednesday, August 7, Dr. McCord did a posterior fusion of the same levels. This surgery was harder, but I was walking the same night. It's been six weeks since my surgeries and I feel very hopeful I'll be able to get back to a normal healthy lifestyle soon. I've given so many people referrals to Dr. McCord. He is simply a master at his profession. Thank you and God bless Dr. McCord and his staff. 09/17/2019

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