After Seeing 30 Doctors, My Pain Was Fixed by Dr. McCord

I am from Alabama. A church member recommended I see Dr. McCord as I had been suffering with back pain for 12 years. I had seen over 30 doctors and had gone to Mayo Clinic in Minn. I had never had a diagnosis until I saw Dr. McCord. I had never heard of a discogram. Dr. McCord saw four deteriorating discs. I elected to have him operate on me. This was in November 2011 at Baptist Hospital in Nashville. At first, I thought my problem had been taken care of, but after a few months the pain became worse. My old pain had gone away, but the pain from the surgery remained. After several visits, Dr. McCord did agree because of what different procedures showed him that the problem had to be the plates and hardware. I had also felt that this was the problem, as I felt I had a board in my back. In June of 2012, he and I made the decision to remove the plates. I thank God I did. Here I am August 1,

I'm walking so much better, the pain level is going down, and I have hope again. I'm so glad he went ahead and removed the plates as the pain was getting unbearable. We did the plate removal procedure at NorthCrest Hospital in Springfield, TN. The staff was very professional, kind, and made you feel that I was the most important person there. They even followed up with a phone call after I got home. I am so grateful to God and Dr. McCord that I have hope again and know I will be without any pain soon. I'm so glad I didn't wait a year to have plates removed, as I could not stand the thought of the time involved in healing again from surgery. 08/01/2012

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