Almost Disabled From 18 Years of Pain, Now Healed

Before I came to Dr. McCord my neck and right arm was in pain, and I would struggle to work over three hours on the computers at work. I would get up with neck pain that would continue all day and cause migraines continually. I could control the migraines with medication finally, but the pain continued for up to 18 years from the last neck surgery. I was about ready to try for disability because of my pain. We heard about Dr. McCord from a Mr. _____, a customer of ours. I came to Dr. McCord. He was kind, did what was necessary to find the cause of my problem, asked did I want to fix it because he could do it, and I said yes! I believe he did a GREAT job on my neck, and I'm so glad I came up here! I firmly believe God led me to him to do the surgery on my neck. I give Him the glory for both my healing and Dr. McCord. I am better!! Thanks again. 01/21/2020

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