Almost in a Wheelchair, Dr. McCord is a Godsend

After having the surgery, the pain I was experiencing is not as constant, but there are times it feels as if I never had the surgery, but they are short-term pains, and usually go away with a hydro pain pill. Leg pain and cramps are much better now at night, not as regular as before. Still on light duty at work, am very concerned how I will do after I go back to full duty with no limitations. My employer is giving me a lot of trouble over this. Have been employed there 34 years. 01/26/2015

Back in November of 2014 I had Dr. McCord remove some hardware in my lower back that had not bonded to my vertebrae like it was supposed to. Dr. McCord removed the old hardware and placed in bone instead. After doing this I am not experiencing the pain and discomfort like I was. Dr. McCord is a Godsend and without his surgeries and expertise I would probably be in a wheelchair at 54 years of age. Thank you, Dr. McCord. 04/17/2015

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