Back Doing Much Better

Prior to surgery pain in lower back and right below shoulder blades when standing for any length of time. Also, while walking any length of time sciatica in right leg occurred often. Back became extremely painful following physical work or minor lifting and turning. Following surgery back has felt good, only slight dull pain after repeated bending and twisting while active, no sciatica. Left leg is now numb from thigh to foot. Left thigh becomes painful when sitting for over 15 to 20 minutes. Leg becomes even more numb and extremely heavy following 10 to 15 minutes of walking. Right foot is partially numb, but not painful. Numbness and pain in left leg has gradually got worse. 02/05/2016

Back doing much better following second surgery. After first surgery back would still hurt after standing for long periods. Second surgery helped this. Left leg, foot and right foot was numb following first surgery and still remains numb following second surgery. 02/22/2018

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