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Back is Much Better, Walking 4 Miles a Day

I feel as far as my back goes it is better, much better. I came into Dr. McCord due to my right leg, hip, and lower back being so painful. It was beginning to hinder my daily life. After surgery now, the right leg is great for the most part, but I feel I traded my right leg for my left leg, and at this point, I'm very worried about that. Much pain in left hip, buttock, down left leg (outside), and calf is very painful. However, I am walking four miles a day! Afterwards, there are days I pay for that, but all is okay with walking. When I try to do the exercises, it really hurts. I'm not bending very well to my toes. Behind on that. I don't feel like my back feels like it's going to slip out anymore. Just worried left leg won't get better.

P.S. When he had me jump, hurts in left hip. 04/25/2017

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