Back Pain Better, Standing Straight, Improving with Exercise

I won't lie, at first after surgeries, I had two of them, I thought this is "rough", but at six week point now and feeling much better. I seem to be walking straighter. I was almost looking at the floor and bent over, could not stand up straight, was in pain every day. I feel so much better. The pain is there slightly, nothing like before surgery. I would like to thank him and his staff for being so nice and respectful for all visits and hospital stay also. I think this may have fixed my problem. Will see in near future. Getting better each day, just have been a little stiff and energy level has been low. Working on recovery! 10/11/2016

I have improved to some degree. I am not healing to be able to do all functions in my life. My body seems to want to lean forward. I have been working on strengthening my muscles and my core strength. I am still weak and cannot walk far without using a walker or cane to be standing up straight. I so want to be back to normal. I feel kind of like my surgery was a little invasive for my age doing two surgeries and taking bone marrow or whatever from my hips. I sometimes wonder if all this was so necessary, because for all the money and time I feel I should be super woman, just saying! Living on disability.

I will continue to do my exercises and walking and going to aquatics therapy to get better. Hopefully next time we will see a better improvement more and more. Working on it! 05/24/2018

The staff and everyone with Dr. McCord are wonderful, always have been pleasant. Doctor has seen me for three almost four years now and we have had three surgeries, the outcome has been fine. The pain has gone away in my back, standing up straight has been my issue, and that is where my pain has gone, to the front from bending over, although it is starting

to get better with time and exercise. Thank you. 01/28/2020

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