Back Pain Gone, More Active & Walking

Since my surgery, my back pain is gone completely except for the "normal" surgery recovery pain. All the previous pain is no more. I am beginning to do more and more physical activity to strengthen myself. My range of motion is growing and only my concerns are it's supposed to get better as time progresses. I have been able to just walk. I couldn't do that before, only for a very short distance at the most. 08/22/2014

Before surgery my left thumb was tingling constantly, and the first three fingers would go numb at times. My neck wasn't really a painful thing. After the surgery, there was a slight improvement in the tingling and numbness in the left hand, but the pain was still present, and weakness is still a constant. Braces seem to help when pain and symptoms are more prevalent. Right elbow is painful on the inside rear. My neck is good except for swallowing from a cup or glass, hence requiring me to drink through a straw most of the time. Mobility is decreased, but manageable. Both hands go numb when active as my right hand has gone numb writing this letter. 07/12/2016

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