Back to the Old Me, Before Back Pain


I am doing so much better since I've had surgery. Before surgery I couldn't put on my socks/shoes, I needed help out of bed, I couldn't bend down and pick up anything off the floor, and the pain in my back and running down my legs was almost unbearable. Now, since surgery, I feel like a new man. I can bend down, put on my socks and shoes, walk without pain, and get around so much better. It's like I'm back to the old me, the guy I was before my back issues!!

Before my surgeries, I was having so many issues. I was having trouble sleeping, standing, sitting, doing everyday chores, picking up items, etc. I was having pain run down my legs constantly because of my back and my hands kept going numb with arm/neck pain because of my neck. After each surgery, I knew right off that the pain was better. I feel like I'm finally getting my old life back and I actually have energy to go out and enjoy time with friends and family again! I'm still taking it a little easier just as a precautionary measure, but I know I feel ten times better than I did five months ago (before surgery). I'm hoping to continue getting stronger and be back to my old self, enjoying life to its fullest. I'm so glad I had the surgeries when I did because it has changed my life for the better and I'm so blessed to be feeling so much better, like I used to feel! Not having to deal with constant pain running from your back to your feet and from your neck to your hands is such a relief, and I'm so glad that is behind me now and I'm feeling as good as I am. I'm very grateful to have had all this done and to be feeling like I do! 05/10/2016

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