Back to Work, No Pain, It's Great! Thank you Dr. McCord

September 2013, symptoms were returning from three previous cervical spine surgeries I had before. I was referred to Dr. McCord, and he performed surgeries four and five. After the surgeries, I have been very pleased and have returned to work. I felt as though I was in the best of hands with Dr. McCord. The entire experience was satisfactory. I have since recommended Dr. McCord to people I know who are having spine problems. 05/30/2014

It has been approximately one year since my cervical spine fusion, and I am doing wonderful. I have been able to return to work several months ago (full time) and am having no problems performing my duties. No pain!! It's great!! Thank you, Dr. McCord. 11/17/2014

Recently I underwent lower back surgery, which was performed by Dr. McCord. I had suffered with hip and leg pain for about a year prior to my surgery. Since my surgery, I am pain free and am able to perform my daily activities without pain or discomfort. Recovery has been smooth, and I continue to improve each day. 11/09/2015

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