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Blessed to Have 100% of My Life Back

Dear Dr. McCord, I would like to thank you so very much, and also ask God to bless you always. You have given me nearly 100% of the quality of my life back. So many people rave about how much better I look and act. I feel better, and not on near the pain medicines that I was on before you fixed me up. I was told in my hometown (Paducah, KY) that they couldn't help me. I was 51 at that time and really didn't want to hear that. A good friend of mine told me about Dr. McCord. My first visit was in Hopkinsville, KY, then further test in Nashville, and he was able to give me the 2-1/2 inches back that I had lost in height. I can stand straight again and thank God. I hope that I never need him for anything again, but will always consider him a friend, and remember him in my prayers. How blessed I am to have met him. 09/25/2013

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