Both Cervical & Lumbar Surgeries Now Pain Free

I felt immediate results from the first surgery on my neck. I've had no pain in my arms and hands since the actual surgery. Although MRSA caused my back incision not to heal quickly and has prevented the actual time I could spend walking, the pain in my back is drastically improved. I'm looking forward to a full recovery and much increased mobility in the near future!

(Husband) The cervical surgery - before, she was losing use of both hands and experiencing numbness and pain in both arms. After surgery, almost immediately, she was able to use both hands fully without reporting any pain in either arm.

The lumbar surgeries - before, she moved slowly with a wobbly gait and reported back pain frequently, either lying down and more severely when standing for any length of time. After surgery, her gait appears to be normal, straight forward and not side to side. She still tires easily after hospitalization a total of 9 weeks since July 24 standing, but does not report pain, mostly fatigue. 11/20/2013

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