Cannot Complain, Would Highly Recommend

I have suffered from lower back pain for many years due to my occupation (mechanic). I came to see Dr. McCord because I heard that he was the one that could more than likely help me with my problem. After my first visit and subsequent x-rays and MRIs, he could see the problem causing my pain and explained what needed to be done. After the decision to have my lumbar fusion, the surgeries went well, but I also got a staph infection in a muscle connected to my spine, and it went into a disc in my neck causing immense pain, and I could not move my head back and forth, very painful. Dr. McCord removed that said disc and put a cage in its place. That remedied that problem. I still had a lot of pain on both sides of my hip and needed pain meds to help. It was like my sciatic nerves were pinched. Dr. McCord elected to do a nerve block, which only helped for four days. In the meantime, Dr. ***** and Dr. McCord conversed and thought it best to remove all of the hardware in my back as the only alternative to get the staph infection under control. That surgery was done 10/02/2013, and so far, I am doing well except for my pain. Lortabs work very well and have been a Godsend. On 11/15/2013, I took a fall in the yard face first. I am glad you had an x-ray done today to see if any damage was done, and there was not according to Connie.

I am hoping that after some more time my healing will be complete, but I know I will never be able to do the same things I have done in the past. I applied for disability around April and was denied. I went back to SSA and reapplied this month and have not heard anything yet. They asked different questions this time and all of my doctors' names and where all of this has been done. So, don't be surprised if they contact this office for more information about my case. Please help me out if you can in any way. I cannot complain about any of my procedures nor the places they were performed. Most all were very nice and clean and explained everything to my satisfaction. Be assured that I would recommend Dr. McCord to anyone that has a spine problem, that he cares and would more than likely be able to help them. 11/20/2013

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