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Pain and Numbness is Much Better

Prior to surgery, I wasn't able to hardly get out of bed. It felt like bone rubbing and pinching nerves.


I am _______. I'm writing this as my dad dictates it to me. Before his surgery, he would be up all night, watching TV, walking the floor, rubbing his legs from the pain. He had his pain medication put at a place where my mom, sister, or myself could get it for him due to the pain being so bad he was afraid he would take too much and overdose himself. He was really cranky and had to tolerate being around. A lot of times we would leave and go to walk around the store to stay out of his way. When we got back, he would be asleep, and we would try not to wake him. Since he's been more pleasant to be around, seems a lot happier, laughing and cutting up with the family. Since the surgery, even the grandkids that didn't come around before, come around now, and they enjoy being around him and visit more often.


When surgery first done not so much pain. Lately more pain maybe where nerves are healing. Getting around better, walking better. Still using cane to walk but a lot better than before surgery and right after surgery. Seems to be getting along better now. Dr. McCord did excellent job and we realize it takes time to heal completely. Before surgery, he would fall in yard a lot and we'd have to pick him up. Now, he goes out in yard with no problems. A lot better.


"Hardware removed". Before surgery I was having trouble getting up and around and had quite a bit of pain in lower back. I don't have as much pain. I'm a little stiff in back, but maybe as I get to do more. Now since my surgery I can work the stiffness out. My back appears to be stiffer since the last surgery than it was before it. The numbness in my left leg has gotten better.


Prior to surgery, I wasn't able to hardly get out of bed. It felt like bone rubbing and pinching nerves. After surgery can get up and down better and it's easier to move around. Still have some numbness in legs and feet but does seem better than prior to surgery. Right before surgery was in so much pain and couldn't move around at all. Spent most of time in bed. The surgery definitely helped me. Thank you.


Since last surgery, my condition has not really improved a lot. Not a big difference in June 2017 surgery and surgery in June 2018. I believe Dr. McCord is a great surgeon and has done everything that he could do seeing my back was originally in such bad shape. Can't do a lot of things that I would like to do but am getting by. Dr. McCord knows how we feel about him, and I would probably be in a wheelchair if it weren't for him. I've come a long way since I was in nursing home after first surgery. If I need another surgery, Dr. McCord is the only one to do it.

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