Our Lives Have Changed for the Better

After a car wreck, I paced the floor at night with tears in my eyes.


Dr. McCord, when I came to you after my car wreck that occurred the first part of 2013, pain in my back was a part of living. I paced the floor at night with tears in my eyes. After my surgery sessions with you in January 2014, I am a new man. I have weakness/numbness in my leg, but all of that pain that would make someone almost suicidal has been reduced and I thank God that you and I met. My wife and I have given your brochures to several people who need back surgery and told them that if I had to do it again, I would in a heartbeat. Thank you for your care and attention to me and my needs. Anyone can call me if they want my opinion of you and for the services you provide.

Dear Dr. McCord:

My husband _____, was in a car accident in May or March of 2013. He was in so much pain and unable to bend or ride for long periods of time. After his surgery in Jan of 2014 he is doing better. He can bend and his posture has improved so much. Thanks to you and your team our life has changed for the better. I tell everybody that mentions they need back surgery, that Dr. McCord would be the only Dr. I would ever let operate on my back.

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