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Denied By Doctors for 12 Years, Now I am ME Again!

I have been very impressed with Dr. McCord and all of his staff. There have been times I came in angry at the world and tired of all the pain. They always welcomed me and offered me an optimistic outcome. They have been considerate of the distance I traveled and offered to make all appointments on one day when possible and scheduled surgeries close together so that all was completed in one hospital stay. I was not happy with the hospital as they were not accommodating to my dietary needs. I discussed my diet

issues with admissions, and it was noted that I was hypoglycemic and had gastric bypass. I don't eat much at one time and limit carbs. I provided most all of my meds while in the hospital. My procedure has given me some of my self-esteem and confidence back. I don't have much of the pain I had but have a lot of bad habits to break because my posture is very poor due to the problems I had with my hardware. Dr. McCord was willing to accept me as a patient when everyone else turned me away because I have physical complications and a host of medical related issues. I feel like I'm on the road to being ME again. My pain

is manageable. I realize I may never be pain free. I'm 12+ years older since my back problems began, but I am better. I look better. People notice that I am better. I'm a walking billboard for what Dr. McCord can do for failed back surgeries. I owe him the moon for giving me my life and desire to keep going. I love you all! 09/12/2019

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