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Doing Better, Will Have Dr. McCord Fix My Neck

When Dr. McCord did my surgery in August, it has helped so far. I am getting around a little better. I would recommend him and Southern Hills Hospital to anyone. Great hospital. The nurses and doctors were very nice. I do not have a bad thing to say about anyone. I am happy with my stay at the hospital, but Dr. McCord and his team were great. Thanks. 10/04/2013

It helped me a lot and I would recommend him to anybody, and his staff works great with you. It's just been a little over a month after surgery, and I am doing a little better than before! I am going to let him fix my neck, and the hospital he sent me to is a great place. Everybody was nice and works with you, and again, thanks for the great work that Dr. McCord does. 04/16/2019

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