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Doing Great Three Years Later, Half the Meds

I am at the three-year mark. I'm doing great. I have been able to cut pain meds in half. My range of motion forward (touching toes) has not progressed this year; however, I am able to tie my shoes – a great accomplishment. I have increased walking to 45 minutes or two miles then I must stretch and rest. My left hip and thigh get tight with little pain in nerves after 45 minutes of anything. I still have two small spots around L5-S1 area that can be aggravated very easily. Standing on concrete for more than 30 minutes really sends pain down legs to heels. The exercises given after surgery are great with the exception of any exercise that puts stress on (tug of war action and motion) had to be modified not to bend back past horizontal or hyperextend. Have most trouble in morning – legs/butt are extremely tight. Must be careful with body mechanics not to bend down and turn torso at same time. I am pleased with where I am in recovery and do not want any action to undo your great work. 07/09/2014

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