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Dr. McCord Does It Right The First Time

I have been a patient of Dr. McCord since 1996 when at that time he replaced L4 and L5 disc with the carbon fiber cages and plates to repair an old football injury. It was so successful I have praised Dr. McCord wherever I go. Just amazing. I was in terrible pain and could hardly walk. After surgery recovery I'm pain free! Now in 2015, I had a severe epidural abscess caused by a MSSA bacteria, which badly damaged my cervical and thoracic discs. So, naturally I came to Dr. McCord to fix this terrible problem. Dr. McCord knew just what to do. My first two surgeries were February 5th and February 7th. It is now March 27, 2018, and I feel great. Dr. McCord used his cages and rods and screws to fix my mess, and I am so grateful for him. I will need two more surgeries to repair all my spine issues. I would never go to anyone

except Dr. McCord for these issues. His years and years of experience is priceless. He uses so many of his techniques he pioneered such as the carbon cages to permanently repair the problems. In other words, Dr. McCord does it right the first time. I am and will be forever grateful to Dr. McCord (my spine hero)! I am giving Dr. McCord's office permission for any potential patient that would like to contact me personally to feel free to do so with questions about my recovery or the surgeries I have had in the past by Dr. McCord. He is the best!!!


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