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Dr. McCord Found and Corrected Problem

I am able to hold a spoon to feed myself. I can stand up straight instead of all bent over. My pain has gotten better, and before I couldn't write this note. I can dress myself without any help. Still have a few problems with buttons. 05/18/2017

I am doing much better after surgery. I can walk two miles a day. I do have numbness down my legs and still have pins and needle pricks in my right leg and foot. I still have some pain in lower left back but has decreased a great deal snice surgery. I am very pleased with my surgery. My pain is probably fifty percent better since surgery. 01/23/2018

I am a patient of Dr. McCord who had back surgery for the first time in 2017. I was progressing very well for a while with improvement in my walking, my pain, and the burning in my feet and legs. Dr. McCord did testing when I started having some issues in my back again. He immediately picked up on my symptoms and decided to run a CT scan and two of my screws had dropped down. He said I needed to allow him to repack the area with more bone and bigger screws. He did the surgery and now I am improving. My walking is better, and movement is much better. Dr. McCord has done a great job of finding my problems and correcting the problem. His staff has always been there to help me at any time. I am very pleased with everything he has done to improve my back and neck issues. 03/05/2019

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