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Eleven Surgeries Later I'm Doing Great

Lots of leg pain, numbness, muscle cramps, difficult walking, both feet numb most of the time. Trouble standing. Since surgery only pain is occasional muscle cramp. Right hip pain from hip bone removal. Mostly feel great. Thanks, Dr. McCord. 12/01/2014

Got muscle spasms still, but much better. I feel in time things will improve. 01/09/2018

I am much better. Still a little muscle pain but much better. 10/09/2018

I had suffered for 25 years with back pain. I found out about Dr. McCord from a friend. Eleven surgeries later I am doing great. I thank God and Dr. McCord for helping me. I was a difficult case, but we made it. I look forward to the remainder of my life. Thank you, Dr. McCord and your wonderful staff. 01/22/2019

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