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Excruciating Pain Gone, Great Success

First and foremost, I want to thank you and your great staff and the Springfield Hospital and their great staff, especially Nurse Jennifer. I have never experienced such fine expertise and care. I'm not a rich man, but you will find a little surprise along with your card, so you can stop at McDonald's for breakfast. Very respectfully, ___ 03/03/2015

Since surgery no more severe pain just aching. Still lightheaded, probably from the narcotics, Percocet 10. Able to walk without falling. I feel the surgery was a great success. Thank you, Dr. McCord. 04/24/2015

When I first saw you, I had excruciating pain, but since you performed the surgeries that pain is gone except for some discomfort. Lots of pain in left hip and leg and the muscle. Hip pain is from the bone marrow transplant. I don't have the strength and stamina that I used to have, but that is getting better too. 05/15/2015

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