Explained Treatment in Layman's Terms

First of all, thank you, my vascular surgeon and your entire team. I thank God that he allowed me to come back to you after 20 years of his grace and the many, many persons that complimented your skills as a spine doctor. Knowing that with age and the fact we spoke on correcting my other disc gave me a future goal to reach my goal. Sometimes I have slight pain, but I remember and accept that the body is still healing. I was able to jump up as of 10/22/2019, something that I had not done since early adulthood. I am working on posture because as you said I would be standing straighter, and I have received compliments about my stature already. Surgery was great, however, please keep in mind that times have changed, and families do not always come to help when we the baby boomers get ill or hospitalized and I acknowledge their change. I truly believed that had I left the hospital and gone to rehab I would have done even better. Thankfully God's grace brought all of us through. Your name is shared

by me to those of us that really have a desire to be pain free in our daily life and as we move towards senior living and taking care of ourselves by ourselves. Again, thank you for a job well done and I will continue to be a spokesperson for your practice and the team that took care of me and simply broke down things in a layman's terms so that I understood. The journey continues for us, and I pray that you will have much success. It's been 20 years, and I am still progressing. 10/22/2019

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