Feel Amazing, No Pain Meds

Before surgery I was in pain and lost feeling down my right arm and lost feeling in my index, middle, and thumb. I was 235 pounds and also had lost muscle atrophy, had me down to 200 pounds. My chest muscle and right arm were completely losing the muscles. Since surgery I am feeling amazing. The day after surgery I had regained complete feeling in my fingers except the tip of index. I have felt so great and stopped pain meds within about two weeks. I had a little trouble swallowing the first few days to one week but no problems now. I am sometimes stiff in mornings but doing great. Sincerely want to express how amazing this office/staff and experience has been. Impressed with every step. The day after surgery we saw Dr. McCord at 6 a.m. and were released by 10:30 on a Saturday. This has been wonderful. Thank you! 06/13/2019

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