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Feeling Young Again, Thanks Team McCord

Preop cervical – down both arms but mainly the right, I would have "stingers" lasting 3 to 5 seconds of very intense pain from my elbow to the tips of my fingers and my neck and shoulder always ached.

Postop cervical – the "stinger" still comes but only occurs 1 to 2 times a day instead of the 7 to 8 before. Also, most of the aches and pains have left the neck and shoulder. I still get a little tight during the night but nothing like before.

Life – before surgery I was limited to the types of activities I could do and missed out on a lot of games and playtime with my kids. Today my kids recognize that I'm feeling better and ask me to play more!

Pre-lumbar – I hurt all the time! Walking had become very painful, and nothing seemed to help. All of the sports and exercise was nonexistent. My wife and kids always took care of me and were careful of the types of family fun that they would choose knowing how it might affect me. I knew I could not continue life in my current state!

Post lumbar – there is no doubt that the lumbar surgery was hard! I hurt a little, but when I started really moving about two weeks after surgery, there was no question in my mind if the surgery had worked or not. It was a success! I'm so happy now and can see that before I had begun to grow depressed. That feeling has left me completely, and I feel that life has reentered me! Every day is an improvement over the last! I'm beginning to feel like I'm young again and not the old broken-down man I had become! Thank you Team McCord.


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