Finally Relief After 7 Years, No More Pain Medications

Dear Dr. McCord, when we first met, I was in bad pain with my back. Now with surgery I can do things I could not do. I feel better, and I am happier now. My back and legs don't hurt no more because of surgery, keeps me out of pain. 11/04/2013

To Whom It May Concern: It should not take close to 10 years to get back surgery done that I need to be pain free. Dr. McCord gave me a chance to get my life back. The only regret I have is that it took so long to get the surgery done. Something has to be done about this. Thank you. 4/14/2014

Dr. McCord, the surgery I had this year has worked great. It completely took me off pain medication. I also have no need of medical equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers. You have done exactly what you said you would do. Thank you. 04/14/2014

I have been through the mill. I've had back pain for seven years, and no relief until Dr. McCord. I had surgery with Dr. McCord 07/22/2014. I have done great ever since surgery. I'm pain medicine free. I'm back to a normal life. 07/21/2014

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