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From Helpless & Hopeless to Getting My Life Back!

Before surgery, I could barely move. I couldn't bend forward or backward. I could not twist without a lot of pain! After surgery, I could not shower myself, dress myself, or even sit or get off commode without help. I used a walker to get around. Here I am 5 weeks after surgery. I can almost touch my toes while standing. I can shower and dress myself, including tying my own shoes. I can bend backward and twist. I do not need walker and am walking 1.5 miles per day! I do still have some surgical pain about every six hours but did some reading that that was normal. It is not the same pain I had prior to surgery. The pain I was having before surgery is completely gone!! I am so thankful to Dr. McCord and his staff for helping me. I had been in pain for two years with no answers from anyone else. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. McCord for back pain sufferers!! He is truly a Godsend to me!! Thank you!! 05/03/2016

Prior to surgery: I could barely walk. I walked bent completely over, like an osteoporotic woman. I was in major severe pain! The pain was constant. I could not lift or pick up anything-not even my purse. I could not pick anything up from floor. I could not bend down. I could not sit or stand back up from commode without assistance. I could not dress myself. I could not shower without assistance.

After surgery: I feel wonderful. I can stand tall, walk, run. I can bend down and touch my toes. I can carry my own purse. I can pick up things from the floor. I do not need assistance with activities of daily living (showering, commode, walking, dressing, etc). I can twist and turn. I have my life back! I am back at work. I can lift things I can sit and stand alone. I am so happy with this procedure - words cannot describe. I am able to roll over in bed without assistance and discomfort. I can wash clothes and cook again! I am a much better wife and mama! Thank you for helping me and like I said - giving me my life back!

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