Gave Me Hope I Could Roll in Grass with Grandkids

Things I can do now that was too painful before: Vacuum my house, shampoo carpets, walk the mall for 2 hours – no pain, work at my desk all day with less pain, play on the floor with my dogs, do laundry – transfer wet clothes to dryer. All of these things were impossible before, too much pain involved. I feel like me again. Before I felt like a very old lady (I am 49), hard to walk, pain 90% of the time. Now, just a little stiff sometimes, but overall, I feel amazing. I also have my height back. I am not shrinking anymore. I had no hope before. Doctors told me there was nothing wrong, I should not be feeling pain. Dr. McCord gave me hope, and he understood my pain. I am so grateful for Him! I feel great.

He said I would be able to roll in the grass with my grandkids. At the time I thought that would be impossible. Now I know I can, and we just found out I will be a grandma in September. I am so excited knowing I will be able to pick up the baby, and yes, roll in the grass. Thank you for giving me my life back. 01/31/2017

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