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God Sent You So I Could Play With My Son

Dear Dr. McCord,

I saw the piece about you on CBS Morning Show. I was shocked. Not because I believed the woman, but I was in disbelief mode. I believe this is the one person that would say things like this because I have never heard a negative comment concerning you. I was referred to you by a former patient whom you helped. I came to you in constant pain. The pain was terrible. I really cannot describe it. I only came because of the former patient. He praised your work so much, I had to try one more time. I had two previous back surgeries. One of them helped me, but another disc herniated. The second surgery not only did not help but the pain became worse. Your talk with me that first day made me very hopeful. You talked to me like I was a human being not a number. We finally did two surgeries in one week. I don't care to say, I was wondering what I had done … but as time passed, the surgical pain went away and so did a lot of the pain I had.

I had always promised my son, John, if I could ever find someone to fix my back, we would make up for lost time. There was so much I couldn't do with him before you did the surgeries. I now practice baseball with him, catching, pitching, and batting. We go places because I can drive a good distance without stopping. We went four days to the SEC baseball tournament in Birmingham this past weekend because I COULD. Before there's no way I would have considered one day. Dr. McCord, I thank you for what you have done for me. I would and have recommended you highly. You are a wonderful doctor and a good person. I truly believe God sent you into my life. God, through you, has changed my life and my son's life. Thank you. 05/28/2014

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