Golfer Hits Two Eagles in One Round with New Back Cages

Dan Zimmerly tried multiple spine doctors but still couldn't stand, walk, or work. After getting new disc cages, he was back on the green pain-free and scored TWO eagles in one round of golf!

My situation was one where my back had gotten so painful I literally could not walk. They had to gurney me in just to do a discogram (which is to see whether my discs were good). I had gone to other doctors and other doctors had said they’d just go in there and kinda chisel it back a bit or cut back the disc. But my discs were ruined, they were flat. And my bone was on top of bone, they were on top of nerves, I couldn’t walk. I was in excruciating pain I had no future.

I had the surgery, and it was tough. I mean it’s a tough surgery, I’m not gonna lie about that. It’s a very very difficult surgery. But if I had to do it over again I’d do exactly the same thing. Same doctor, same technique, same everything. I played a round a golf the other day, and had TWO EAGLES! And for you non-golfers out there it means the equivalent of making a hole in one TWICE in one round. I’ve been playing golf for forty years, and I’ve only had about ten eagles in my whole life. But I got TWO in one round! Not only am I playing golf, I’m playing well, I work about 60 hours every week now. I’m probably about 80-85% pain free now, and the rest is not because of the surgery but because I waited too long.

Not only am I playing golf, I’m playing well, I work about 60 hours every week now.

If I could tell you out there one thing I would recommend is do not wait too long. I waited until my leg had atrophied, I waited until the feeling was gone in my foot, I was in agony. The problems I have now are pre-surgical. I had no feeling in my foot, right now I’ve got most of the feeling back but there’s still some numbness a year later. But that was all pre-surgical. Dr. McCord said it’ll come back and everything he’s told me has happened. So I have no doubt whatsoever that it’s gonna come back. It’s a miracle to me. I feel like I’ve been healed. I feel that God has used Dr. McCord to heal me. If I were to have surgery again there will be zero question I will go to David McCord. I liked him so much and felt so confident in him that my daughter in law, Laurie, had back problems at 38 years old and I said “Go to Dr. McCord.” That’s my daughter in law, and if I would do that for someone I loved, someone I care about, I would do that for anyone. I can’t imagine anyone going to anyone else at this point.

One thing I like about Dr. McCord is that he’s thorough. I don’t think the insurance companies would allow him to do what he did for me, but he went to bat for me and fought for me. And because of that, my back is fixed. If we had just treated one disc or two discs, I’d be back in the same place today. But I’m healed, because of Dr. David McCord.

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