Grandma Says Goodbye to Pills and Pain Management

Debbie Nunn had five decayed discs that kept her on morphine pumps and pills. After disc cage fusion surgery, she can hold and play with her grandkids again.

Grandmother is pain free after nine failed back surgeries

My name is Debbie Nunn, I’m a patient of Dr. David McCord’s. About eight weeks ago Dr. McCord performed a spinal fusion on me, after living in excruciating pain for three years. I had been going to pain management for a year and half. They put in a pain pump, I was on oxycodone, I was on a fentanyl patch. My life was basically over. Dr. McCord is from my hometown of Hopkinsville, and I read he would be coming back to Hopkinsville and bringing some of his business. So I thought I’m just going to call Dr. McCord and see about getting another opinion. He ordered a discogram on me, which showed four out of five discs was totally decayed. He said I needed to have surgery, so I talked it over with my husband and my family. I knew I didn’t want to live like this the rest of my life in pain. I have two small granddaughters and I wanted to be a ganny and have ganny time with my grandkids, and live my life with my husband and children.

About a month and half went by after we went through all the insurance processes. I went in on June the 1st for my first surgery. They ended up having to do three surgeries. One I had previously had a gastric bypass, the IVC filter was in the veins, so they had to do three. Dr. McCord was great, immaculate work performing the surgery. He was very positive I would get my life back. He took my pain pump out, I’m now on nothing but muscle relaxers and Loritab 7.5. So I’m on no medication except that. I pray that by the end of this year I will completely have my life back. I am on the road to recovery. I just highly recommend to anyone you can go to Dr. McCord and he will do his best with his medical knowledge to give you your life back.

Our goal is to get me completely off any medication, even though I’m down to almost nothing. I look very forward to being pain free, and I’m on the road to recovery. I look very forward to getting off the pain medication, and I highly recommend you get your life back!

Recently my husband wanted to get me out of the house, because I had been home for so long. He took me to Red Lobster and it was a long wait. We were standing there, and this gentleman got up and let me sit down. I thanked him for that, and I told him I just recently had back surgery in Nashville with a Dr. McCord. He said, “Dr. DAVID McCord?” I said yes! He said, “That man is a miracle, and he is the finest, best surgeon that you could ever have."

I had my gastric bypass nine months to the day. I had to have an laminectomy, and it didn’t work. I started having excruciating pain in the lower level of my back and in the groin going down my legs. I was in pain management here in Nashville for a year and a half. They put the pain pump in me, and I was on so many medications. I just knew as a medical professional that I didn’t want to live like this the rest of my life. I saw Dr. McCord coming to Hopkinsville I wanted to get his opinion to see if he could help me get to where I am today!

I knew Dr. McCord back from high school back in the 70s. I work in a hospital at Jenny Stewart Medical Center, I’m one of the lab managers of the expresslab. I actually took care of Dr. McCord’s father’s patients, Dr. Gerald McCord. He is a very compassionate person, and I can honestly say that Dr. David McCord is like father like son. And he’s just following in his footsteps.

I was scared to death [of the surgery], but Dr. McCord assured me, and made me feel such at ease that he was going to give me my life back. And he has, he has given me my life back.

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