Had Gave Up On Life, Depressive, Dr. McCord Saved Me

Before I came to see Dr. McCord I was about to give up on life. My depression had gotten so bad I could not handle the pain from sitting, walking, standing. The pain had taken away my life. Since I had the surgery, my depression is better. I can stand much longer and walk much further and sitting longer. My life I feel is coming back, and I thank him (Dr. McCord) so much for his concern for me and my back pain. I wish I

had got to see him sooner. He has saved me, and I feel I'll be able to get myself back together again. Thank you, Dr. McCord, for your understanding and caring spirits. You are the best!! I'll tell everyone about how good of a doctor you are. The world needs to know about you. I've been to so many other doctors and no one is as honest and caring as Dr. McCord, and I love the whole staff. They're all beautiful!! Thank you again. 07/05/2016

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