Headaches Better, Turning Head While Driving

Before surgery both legs would go numb, sharp stabbing pains going downward from center of my back to my legs. Pain would start in left leg then move to the right. Since surgery pain in both legs has disappeared. Still some numbness in left calf muscle and still have some numbness in both forefingers, I think from needles stuck in areas above my thumbs in both wrists prior to surgery. Still have some pain in lower back but better than before surgery. Hips are still painful, especially left side with cold weather. Overall, I'm glad to have had the surgery. I feel in time everything will be good. I am grateful to Dr. McCord and his staff for taking care of me. 11/17/2014

Before surgery had a lot of trouble with headaches, and it seems to come up from my neck to the back of my head. It hurt to turn my neck much like when driving, and my ring finger and little finger tingled. Now, I don't have the headaches I had as bad. There's still soreness in my neck, but it seems to be getting better. I still have trouble looking up. The feeling came back to my finger soon after surgery. It really helped the pain, still not totally out of pain but so much better. 08/08/2017

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