Headaches Gone, Sleeping Good

Before surgery 07/03/2014: I had a lot of shooting pain down through hips into legs. Feet would burn. Right foot hot and sweats. Left foot cold and dry. Neck hurt to move, pops and crackles. Mid to upper back muscle spasms constantly into shoulders. Headaches more frequently than before 12/10/2013. Can't sit or stand for long period, five to ten minutes at the most. I'll have to elevate my legs and feet, move, walk, sit, lay down, eat. Legs would give out on me, and I have fallen because of it. After surgery 07/03/2014: A lot of shooting pain through hips and legs has eased, but still having pain through hip and right leg mostly, left less (still elevating legs). Big spasms in mid-upper back into neck. Less headaches. Legs still feel exhausted all the time, and still giving out on me. I constantly have to be moving or I just can't take it. I'm exhausted and fatigued, and

I'm not getting any real sleep because of hurting or anxiety, but I don't like sleep aids. I just keep on moving the best I can. At least I can move and for that I'm very grateful. 08/29/2014

Since surgery headaches have gone away and crunching in neck has reduced to almost none. Left arm and shoulder had been numb with funny bone pain from shoulder through armpit down to hand. It has pretty much gone in the last week. Sleep is now possible without too much pain. Overall, I feel a lot better, but still fatigue easily. I have also lost about 10 pounds since surgery and my taste buds haven't fully returned. Thank you. 03/22/2016

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