Hip & Leg Improving, Sleeping Through the Night

I figured by now that I wouldn't be in as much pain as I'm in, but I know it takes time to heal. I'm having less tingling and numbness in the leg, which is a good thing. I'm having severe pain in the hip area and got very discouraged by this new pain, but I'm hopeful it will go away in time. I'm just a very impatient person and don't like taking pain medication. Walking has been the very best medicine. I walk for at least an hour a day and it helps greatly with the pain. I'm hopeful for no pain in the next few months. Oh, I feel I was released from the hospital too early. You need to look at the distance your patients live from Nashville and keep them an extra night. That two-hour drive home was agony. 10/04/2016

My hip and leg pain have improved so much since surgery. I'm no longer waking up during the night with the pain. I'm still having pain and stiffness in the back from time to time, but I’m improving as the weeks go on, and I hope that gets 100% better in time. I don't take any pain medication whatsoever, so that's a plus. I'm just hoping about the hip and leg! 01/23/2018

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