Holds Grandkids After Fixing Nine Failed Back Surgeries

Mrs. Patient had nine back surgeries for degenerative disc disease, requiring her children to take care of her. Now her back is pain-free and can take care of her grandchildren.

Grandmother is pain free after nine failed back surgeries

My problem started about 17 years ago. I was having a lot of pain, then I went to find out what was wrong. It was degenerative disc disease, some bone spurs, several small problems. At the time I was very active with my kids, I was a single mom. They were 9 and 11 at that time. Between church and school activities, scouts, we were very active as a family. But my pain continued to get worse. I had a lot of surgeries over the years, mostly to fix ruptured discs. Then I had one fusion surgery in 2009, then met Dr. McCord and he redid everything in 2011. And my life has changed dramatically, I have my life again! I’m active again, of course my kids are grown with their own kids. In their teenage years they were taking care of me when it should have been the other way around. I should have been taking care of them. The things they had to do to help me because of my pain. I could never repay them or thank them enough for everything they did.

In their teenage years they were taking care of me when I should have been taking care of them.

For the ruptured discs, the surgery would help for a while, but the degeneration would cause other discs to rupture. So it was a problem we’d solve for a while, but never enough pain relief to go back to work. I had to go on disability, then depression sets in. You’re going from an active lifestyle to sitting at home, wondering what to do with your time. When will this end, if ever? Now, it’s like starting over, just a lot older!

I had nine surgeries before I came to Dr. McCord. I had relief for a while, but my discs would continue to degenerate, then I’d have to have more surgery to relieve the pain. But when I saw Dr. McCord, he looked at the whole back and what he could do above and beyond the fusion areas so I wouldn’t have to worry about further ruptures and surgeries. He said the new surgery is as stable as I was when I was a newborn!

My kids when they were growing up, taking care of me during my pain. They took care of me more than I was taking care of them, and now I’m able to take care of their children, my grandchildren. That’s the joy of my life, being active with them. Being able to be out there with them, be physical with them. Dr. McCord, thank you so much for changing my life. There’s no words to express my gratitude.

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