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After 20 Years of Back Pain I Can Now Hold My Grandkids

Monte Mohr tried five chiropractors and two failed back surgeries but was still lying on the couch in agony, unable to work. But when he found Dr. McCord with the Upright MRI, everything changed.

I'm a real estate broker and for all of last year I couldn't even walk into a house and show the house I had to unlock the door and go sit down because I was in such pain. I had go sit on the counter on the floor didn't matter but I had to get out of pain. The last time I was here to share this experience I had to keep from crying because it all touched my heart so much! Because the last time I was with my kids at Christmas time which was about to just six weeks or so after the surgery and my kids said “Dad you seem so much more involved with the grandkids playing on the floor and picking them up!” I went on the news and thanked him (Dr. McCord) publicly. All this less than 2 months after the surgery so yeah I got my life back, absolutely I mean that sincerely.

"Dad you seem so much more involved with the grandkids playing on the floor and picking them up!"

I went through five chiropractors last year and I believe in chiropractic help to an extent. But (after I the MRI done) I found out that they were all guessing. Nobody knew for sure what the problem was. When I came here and got the upright MRI done it was shared with my chiropractor without hesitation and and he saw it and I can see his face goes like “Okay well this may take a little more as well…” And and of course when I saw it I'm no expert I don’t know one MRI from another but I did see enough to know that- my gosh I need something more aggressive.

You almost have to experience nerve pain to see what it’s really like. It’s debilitating. It affects your mood. I had back issues years and years ago. My daughter was one year old when I went in for my first back surgery. So all my life I’ve been envious every time I drive down the road and see somebody holding their child, it made me envious because I couldn't do that. All my kids growing up, I couldn’t hold them without hurting. Now I can hold my grandkids!

I’ve got a brand new back. I tell people that Dr. McCord guaranteed it for 100,000 miles! I’m good to go at 60 years old I’ve got a brand new back. My back’s better now than it has been for the past 20 years. I’m thrilled. Had I not met Dr. McCord at Channel 4 I don’t know what I would have done. Gone to another five chiropractors, I don’t know.

At 60 years old I’ve got a brand new back. My back’s better now than it has been for the past 20 years.

I’m truly grateful for the Upright MRI. See, when I was lying down, I didn’t hurt. It was when I stood up or sat up. So it made a lot of sense to me that the best MRI is when you’re in an upright position because that’s when gravity is pushing down. I mean I’m no expert but it made sense to me because my only way of getting out of pain WAS lying down. So a regular MRI won’t show as much as when I’m in the position that I’m hurting. It made sense to me.

I was living in Illinois at the time and the day before my back surgery was scheduled, it snowed 12 inches. And I had to shovel my way out of the driveway, I’ll never forget that, to get my first surgery. And all they did was trim the disc off, you know. That’s why I really appreciated Dr. McCord investigating further and shared with me if the disc is in a place where it needs to be trimmed it may end up being an ongoing issue. Instead you may want to rebuild the disc. It made so much sense to me because I had already been in surgery twice. Even then I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do without feeling pain from it. Now I understand it more when your disc gets to that place it’s going to worse.

All I know is to talk from my heart. When you hurt for as long as I did, to find an answer, get away from pain medication...I can look at somebody in the eye, and when I see that grimaced look, I say “Your back’s hurting, isn’t it?” You can feel that (pain) energy, ya know. You almost have to have experienced the pain yourself to really know what kind of agonizing pain they’re in.

To me there’s nothing worse than that agonizing nerve pain. Just feels like a knife in your calf, in your leg, your foot’s numb, trying not to limp. I used to measure how far I could make it in the grocery store, hanging on to the cart and it got to the point where I couldn’t make it to the front door without limping. That was the goal, to make it through the store without limping because I was hurting so bad. There’s so many aspects I feel grateful for!

I got hit by a drunk driver years ago which is what prompted this whole situation. I went from every chiropractic, acupuncture, to traction, to adjustments, I mean I spent thousands of dollars trying to avoid surgery. I didn’t want to do it again. One of the beautiful things about Dr. McCord is sharing the information. Because it’ll help everybody to know what the problem is. It doesn’t serve anyone to continue to work behind the veil, and without seeing the [upright MRI] information, you’re just guessing working by yourself behind the veil. When that veil was pulled back through the upright MRI, it became very obvious (that I needed surgery). I couldn’t argue with it. But now I’m reaping the benefits of the results!

We all have a pain tolerance of what we can handle. But last year it got to the place where I knew I had to do something. I had tears in my eyes half the time because I was in such pain. I’ve got a high pain tolerance. When I walked in the room, Dr. McCord said, “That’s really impressive” and I said, “What’s impressive? I hurt!!” He says “It’s impressive that you can walk” (because my discs were shot).

I understand what that pain feels like. I truly do. I understand the feeling of being hopeless and helpless.

What I would tell you is that I understand. I understand what that pain feels like. I truly do. I understand the feeling of being hopeless and helpless. Because it seems like there’s no other way of getting out of the pain other than lying down. I understand what it means to not be able to pick up your kids or your grandkids, I’ve been there before. I understand what it means to not be able to work or feel like working because you’re in such pain. All I know is I’m grateful that I met Dr. McCord. Dr. McCord introduced me to the Upright MRI, and it made too much sense for me to not try it. I hurt when I was in an upright position. I wasn’t concerned about it being open or enclosed, I just wanted to know WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?!? What’s going on with my back? I’ve gone to all these professionals who can’t seem to figure it out...what’s wrong with my back? When Dr. McCord put me in the Upright MRI, and we saw the results, and then prescribed a solution “Here’s what I think you need to do.” And I followed that. Now it’s six months later and I have my life back. It’s unbelievable. When I visit my grandkids I’m on the floor with them, I’m picking them up, I’m wrestling around with Josh, my 7 year old...I mean I got my life back, I can’t tell you how much that means to me, I honestly can’t. I would tell anybody that!

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