I Gave Up Hope, But Miraculously Found Dr. McCord

It was a miracle that I found Dr. McCord. He did things like procedures to pinpoint my problem. When I came to him, I hurt when I would twist or move my upper body. After my surgery, I can twist more than before. My family says I definitely stand straighter. I thank you, Dr. McCord, for helping me. After three years I had given up, but you have given me hope. I feel like I'm part of your family when I come to your office. Thank you so much. 03/10/2014

I feel that I'm able to do a little more than a year ago. I can walk a little longer, bending over is hard, but I'm working on it. I can ride in a car more. I'm able to go outside and spend more time with my family. I try to help clean house as long as I don't twist and bend. I appreciate everything that Dr. McCord has done for me. I don't think I would be able to do the things I'm doing now without his help. Thank you so very much! 07/30/2014

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