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I Thank GOD for Dr. McCord Operating on My Back!

I was in constant pain. Could not sit, stand, lay down without pain. Now no pain. Dr. McCord is a miracle worker!


I was in constant pain. Could not sit, stand, lay down without pain. Now no pain. Feel great. Walking a lot. I just feel like a different man. I am sleeping finally. CBAT

Before surgery – Chris could not hardly walk anymore. He couldn't sleep, sit, stand, take trips or function in any way. He would lose feeling in his legs more hours of the day than he had it. No amount of pain medications helped, nothing did. We went to multiple doctors trying to figure out what was wrong and all of them downplayed his injuries and misdiagnosed his problems. Today, two weeks exactly after surgery, I have the greatest birthday present I could get – I have my pain-free, fully functioning husband back. He walked 1/2 mile yesterday, is off all pain medications, and is so happy again. Dr. McCord is a miracle worker, and his staff is awesome. Thank you!! Thank you all!


I feel like 100% better than before surgery. I have no back pain! I can feel my legs and no numbness or tingling in them. I am walking 2+ miles a day where before surgery I couldn't stand to walk to the end of the driveway and back. Now I have been planting a garden and there is no way I could have before. I thank God for Dr. McCord operating on my back! I feel great!

Chris is a different person since his back surgery. He moves freely and has no pain. He is able to do daily chores with ease. He needs no assistance getting up or down. Before the surgery, he would sit on the edge of a chair before getting up and have bad back and leg pains. He also needed assistance when he got up. Now, eh does a great job on his own. A big thank you for Dr. McCord and his great skills.


Since my neck surgery I am pain free for the first time in years. I can sleep, lay down in bed, and I can do things again. I don't feel I have any restrictions. I feel great!

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